Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Protective Proceedings

A “guardian” is an individual authorized by a court to make personal decisions on behalf of a minor or an incapacitated adult; conversely, a “conservator” is appointed to make financial decisions. After a guardian or conservator is appointed, he or she will have ongoing duties to the protected person and reporting duties to the court.

The need for a guardian or a conservator may arise for many reasons. A non-parent may need authority over another person’s minor child to register for school, receive life-insurance proceeds, or apply for benefits. Adult children may need to handle the affairs of a parent suffering from dementia. Sometimes, a one-time court order regarding a person’s financial or personal affairs might be necessary (for example, many insurance companies will only pay a minor child’s insurance claim after the pay-out/settlement has been approved by a court).

The attorneys at Kerst & Associates have been involved in numerous protective proceedings and otherwise have extensive experience in this specialized area of the law.


Informational Brochures

Adobe PDFSo Now You Are a Conservator (PDF – 620kb)

Adobe PDFSo Now You Are a Guardian (PDF – 410kb)

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